Shake that jelly at home!

Vertical Joe's has been teaching twerk for over 10 years.  Our fun step by step tutorials will help you get more comfy in your twerk skills and even prep you to become a certified Twerk Technician.  

We have everything from IG Live classes, full length DVDs and individual twerk workouts.  No matter which you choose you will find yourself becoming a better twerker with each shake.

Explore our Tutorials:

Free Tutorials: Freebies for you!

Pay As You Go: Single Twerks Only

123 Poling Twerktastic Series: Single Twerks, Routines, Challenges, Music Downloads and more!

 All Members: Watch all of our twerk tutorials, classic DVDs and more from then to now.

Twerk Technicians Training: Twerks for new trainees to study.

Certified Twerk Technicians: Exclusive content for current certified instructors.

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