How To Maximize Your Backside

Want more jiggle when you wiggle? Try out these twerk tips to help maximize your backside when you are on your next twerk mission.

1: Loose Booty: Rock bottoms with fabric that allows maximum movement. If it jiggles when you walk you are on the right track!

2: Waist It: Adorn your waistline with things like waste beads, fringe belts or sashes to maximize you booty movements.

3: Put Yo' Name On It: Get your name printed on the butt of your bottoms. It's so much easier to see what that booty do when your name is back there!

4: Let It All Hang Out: Go head and slide on some cheeky shorts or a thongy thong along with some fishnets with big ole' holes and watch that booty go wild!

5: Say No To Control: Free the cheeks- say not to compression and control top attire.

6: Black out: Black is not an option! It's so hard to see if it's moving!

7: Print It Out: Fun prints, animal prints, stripes and more are perfect swag for those twerk filled days.

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