Twerk Awareness: Day 7

Twerk Awareness: Day 7

Celebrating Jamaica!!!

We are having a blast sharing traditional dance style and movement for Twerk Awareness Month!  We always talk about how music influences everything so we wanted to take a moment to spotlight an artist that brought her culture to the mainstream and drove is all mad! 

Patra was the hottest thing out hunni and had Tupac Shakur and YoYo in her video sending the world into a whine craze!  If you dunno Patra and you are a twerker, you should get to know her!

Patra is still a knockout and has recently reunited with music! Patra, who was known as the Queen of the Dancehall Pack in the 1990s and 2000s was included among major hit makers like Shabba Ranks, Mad Cobra (“Flex”), and Shaka Demus & Pliers, has made a triumphant return to music after a years-long with a new hot single, “Gimmi Way.”  Learn more at

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