Twerk Awareness Day 2: Mozambique Twerk Influence

Twerk Awareness Day 2: Mozambique Twerk Influence

It's Twerk Awareness Month and today's blog highlights the amazing dancers of Mozabique Africa.  We posted a video showcasing a style where you can see how Mozabique has style influence aligned with Afro brazilian Twerk Style.

 We went down the rabbit hole and totally enjoyed where it led.  It's the skipping rope on your knees and dancing for me!

See for yourself!

 Can you spot any similarities in current dance or twerk style?

Besides the hips constantly whining and back popping I can also see similarities in the following:

Double Dutch Energy

Dancehall Style Movement

Dancehall Heel Toe Dance

Happy Feet Old School Dance

Amapiano Dance Similarities

Afrobeats Dance Similarities


I feel really inspired by the dancers of Mozambique.  Thank you for just being you and contributing to our culture.  Happy Twerk Awareness Month


Wikipedia Excerpt:

The Makua people, also known as Makhuwa or Wamakua, are a Bantu ethnic group found in northern Mozambique and the southern border provinces of Tanzania such as the Mtwara Region.[2][3] They are the largest ethnic group in Mozambique, and primarily concentrated in a large region to the north of the Zambezi River.[4]

The Portuguese who arrived in Mozambique in early 16th-century describe them for their trading relationships and expertise. 

The Makua language, a Bantu language, is still predominantly spoken among the people, alongside Afrikaans and Zulu (in South Africa), Portuguese in Mozambique, some Swahili by the elders of the community but still spoken by many on the Tanzania-Mozambican border, and English in South Africa and Tanzania.[39]

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