50% Off Twerk Heels 2.0

50% Off Twerk Heels 2.0

Our latest Twerk In Heels 2.0 training video has arrived!

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Learn the art of Twerk with Tutorials from FiyaStarta. Twerk Queen FiyaStarta from Vertical Joe's Fitness brings a fun installment from the new 99 Ways to Twerk and Twerk Technician Heels series.

This series of twerks is perfect for Birthday Behavior so watch them and shake it like it's ya birthday! Explore the twerks individually then fuse them into a sexy routine.

This collection began on FiyaStarta's Bday 2019. In 2022, our Twerk Queen said, why don't we make it a tradition to get new moves each year. Fiya Starta has added a Twerk Heels Body Paint Edition for 2022. What will she add next? This Twerk Collection is the gift that keeps on giving. You will have sexy new twerks for your birthday for years to come!

Begin with the prior tutorials then work your way up to the current lessons. Happy Twerking!



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